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Biography James Sidis - The Most Genius Man On Earth


 James Sidis was born with the full name of William James Sidis on April 1, 1898 In the United States, James Sidis is the most genius that ever existed on earth with an IQ (intelligence level) above 250-300. Beat genius Da Vinci, Einstein, Newton and other scientists. Name James Sidis barely escape from the frenetic news about the geniuses in the world of science.Sidis miracle begins when she can feed herself with a spoon at the age of 8 months. Yet even at the age of 2 years, Sidis had made the New York Times as a friend early on. Since that time the name was a regular newspaper headlines. wrote several books before the age of 8 years, of which about anatomy and astronomy. At the age of 11 years Sidis accepted at Harvard University as the youngest student. Harvardpun then fascinated by his genius when Sidis gave a lecture on Four Dimensional bodies in front of the professor of mathematics.James Sidis graduated cum laude with a degree in mathematics at the age of 16. He subsequently continued his studies but had faltered due bullied by a group of students who did not like it. At age 17, Sidis accepted the offer as a teaching assistant while continuing to doctoral programs, but unfortunately he did not complete his studies with reasons to feel frustrated by the learning system and the treatment of its class brothers. At that time he had complained, "I do not know why they gave me this job and put me as a special person, I'm actually not feasible as a lecturer. "More terrible again, Sidis understand 200 kinds of languages ​​inmenerjamahkannya world and can very quickly and easily. He could learn a whole language in a day!!!! William Sidis success is the success of his father, Boris Sidis are a Psychologist powerful Jew. Boris himself is also a graduate of Harvard, student famed psychologist William James (Similarly, he then gave the name to his son) Boris is making her as an example for a new educational models as well invade the conventional education system has been accused of being the ringleader of crime, criminality and disease.In 1919, Sidis was arrested and detained for 18 months for his involvement in the Socialist May Day demonstrations in Boston. At that time he made a statement against military service in World War I. The arrest had horrendous mass media, as when he started his work as a boy genius. Since coming out of prison, Sidis then disappear in the dust bath and after all this time traced by a reporter who meets a scrap metal scavengers nan papa, it turns out he was' William James Sidis. 'Who would have thought William Sidis later died at a relatively young age, 46 years - a time when a scientist should be productive in the future. Sidis died in a state of unemployed, alienated and very poor. Ironic. People then judge that Sidis life is not happy. Popularity and prowess on the field of mathematics made him miserable. Several years before he died, Sidis had indeed told the press that he hated math - something that has been catapulted him.In social life, Sidis had few friends. In fact he also often ostracized by colleagues sekampus. Not also never had a girlfriend or wife. His degree is never finished, only abandoned. He later broke with his family, wandering in secrecy, working with payroll potluck, going into exile. He ran away from the glory of his childhood that his father is actually a projection. He realize that his life is the result of patterning others. However, awareness is often late.Sidis indeed heartwarming effort. There is a strong desire to escape from the influence of his father, to be yourself. Although for the Sidis no power. The press and public already made Sidis as a news item. Wherever Sidis hiding, the press could definitely smell. Sidis could not let go of his father's influence for granted. Already embedded as a time bomb, which then blew himself up.

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Ir Soekarno known as the first President of the Republic of Indonesia as well as the Hero Proclamation, Sukarno, who used to be called Bung Karno, born in Blitar, East Java, June 6, 1901 and died on June 21, 1970 in Jakarta. When he was born is called Koesno Sosrodihardjo. His father named Raden Soekemi Sosrodihardjo and his mother Ida Ayu Nyoman Rai. During his life, he had three wives and was blessed with eight children. Fatmawati wife have children from Guntur, Megawati, Rachmawati, Sukmawati and thunder. Wife of Hartini have Typhoon and Bayu, while the wife Ratna Sari Dewi, Japanese derivatives woman's real name Naoko Nemoto Kartika have children ..

Soekarno childhood just a few years living with his parents in Blitar. During elementary school until graduation, he lived in Surabaya, lodger in the house Haji Said Oemar Tokroaminoto, veteran politician founder of Syarikat Islam. Then continue their education at HBS (Hoogere Burger School). While studying at HBS, Sukarno has galvanized spirit of nationalism. After graduating HBS in 1920, moved to London and continued to THS (Technische Hoogeschool or Engineering High School which is now the ITB). He won the title "Ir" on May 25, 1926.

Then, he formulated and established the doctrine Marhaenisme PNI (Nationalist Party lndonesian) on July 4, 1927, with the goal of independent Indonesia. As a result, the Netherlands, put into prison Sukamiskin, London on December 29, 1929. While incarcerated, Sukarno to rely on his wife. Whole needs supplied by Inggit assisted by older brother Sukarno, Sukarmini or better known as Mrs. Ward. When transferred to the prison Sukamiskin, supervision of Sukarno increasingly hard and tight.

He is classified as a dangerous prisoner. Even to isolate Sukarno in order not to receive information from the outside, he combined with the prisoners 'elite'. This resistance group composed mostly of Dutch people involved in corruption, fraud, or embezzlement. Of course, chat with them does not connect with the young Sukarno who were eager to discuss the struggle for independence. At best what is discussed is about food, the weather, and the things that are not important. The first few months of a prisoner in Sukamiskin Bung Karno communication with his compatriots breaking point at all. But the truth is, there are a variety of ways and Sukarno made sense to keep outside information.

It happened when the prison authorities allow Sukarno taken delivery of food and eggs from outside. Eggs are a Inggit merchandise is always strictly checked by guards before being accepted Bung Karno. As told by Mrs. Ward is quoted in the book 'The Young Bung Karno' InterCity Library published in 1978, the egg became a means of communication to spread outside the state prison. How, when Inggit send salted egg, it means bad news out there that befell fellow Bung Karno. But he could only guess the only bad news, because Inggit can not explain in detail.

Over time, Sukarno and Inggit then find more sophisticated ways to trick the Netherlands. The medium is still the same, eggs. However, the eggs had been stabbed with a fine needle and a more detailed message about the bad news it can be understood Bung Karno. One puncture in egg means all good news, two puncture means a friend were arrested, and three puncture means no large-scale ambushes against the independence movement activist.

During his sentence from December 1929 until released on December 31, 1931, Sukarno was never dijenguk by both parents who are Blitar. According to Ms. Ward, their parents Raden Soekemi Sosrodihardjo and Ida Ayu Nyoman Rai could not see that they are proud of the children were in the prison and dishonorable place in a powerless position.

Moreover, while in Sukamiskin, according to Ms. Ward, Soekarno conditions so skinny and black. But Bung Karno reasoned, he accidentally makes his skin turned black with work and moving out in the sun to heat up the bones. Because in the cell there is no sunlight, moist, dark, and cold. Eight months later a new trial. In his defense Sues titled Indonesia, he showed apostasy Netherlands, a nation that claimed more advanced it.

The defense made the Dutch more angry. So that in July 1930, the PNI was dissolved. After his release in 1931, Sukarno joined Partindo and well led. As a result, he was re-arrested by the Dutch and exiled to Ende, Flores, 1933. Four years later moved to Bengkulu.

After a long struggle, Bung Karno and Bung Hatta proclaimed Indonesia's independence on August 17, 1945. In BPUPKI session on June 1, 1945, Ir.Soekarno forward their ideas about the state he called Pancasila. Dated August 17, 1945, Ir Sukarno and Drs. Mohammad Hatta proclaimed Indonesia's independence. In the trial PPKI, August 18, 1945 Ir.Soekarno unanimously elected as the first President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Previously, he also managed to formulate that later became the basis of Pancasila (ideology) of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. He tried to unite the archipelago. Even Sukarno tried to gather the nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America to the Asian-African Conference in Bandung in 1955, which later evolved into the Non-Aligned Movement.

President Soekarno during his lifetime is known to have charm, easily conquering beautiful women he wants. History records Bung Karno married nine times. But many do not know what women like Dawn's beloved Son. For business turns criteria Bung Karno male figure is not adventurous. Bung Karno attention will be easily sucked in if they see a simple woman who dress modestly. Then, how Bung Karno viewing women look sexy? Never in one shot while walking together with Fatmawati, Bung Karno told the judgment against her. At that time the Bung Karno really falling in love with Fatmawati.

"One evening when we were walking around together, Fatmawati ask me about the kind of women I like," said Soekaro in the book 'The Young Bung Karno' published by Inter-City Library. Bung Karno looked momentarily Fatmawati figure who was dressed modestly and decently. Bung Karno feeling really volatile, he's a little surprised at the question. "I looked at this country girl who dressed red baju kurung and yellow hooded diselubungkan politely. Told him, I love women with authenticity, not the modern women who wear short skirts, tight dresses and lipstick lips dazzling," said Soekarno.

"I prefer the old-fashioned woman who faithfully keep her husband and borne fetch his shoes. I do not like American women of the new generation, which I hear tell him to wash the dishes," he added. Maybe then Fatmawati Soekarno so fascinated to hear a straightforward answer. Until eventually mate them together. Fatmawati Sukarno married in 1943, and blessed with 5 children namely Guntur, Megawati, Rachmawati, Sukmawati, and thunder. "I like women who are happy with the kids a lot. I really love children," she said.

According to Mrs. Fatmawati, and Bung Karno he never celebrated the anniversary, silver wedding Never or gold wedding, wedding anniversary 1st, 2nd or 3rd course never. The reason is not because they do not ever remember getting married. This may be because the time of the wedding, the time of the war is being wrapped. At that time World War II was raging and new Japanese came to colonize Indonesia.

"We never celebrate a silver wedding or a golden wedding. Because we consider it a matter of trivial, while we are always faced with enormous problems great and terrible," recalls Mrs. Bung Karno Fatmawati in the book The Young, published by Inter-City Library, 1978 .

Bung Karno and marriage life is full of turmoil Fatmawati struggle. Two years after they married, Indonesia achieved independence. But this is not finished, just when it reached a peak of physical struggle. Bung Karno certainly involved in every important moments of national struggle. The couple gave birth to their first son, namely Guntur Soekarnoputra. Guntur Sukarno was born at the time was 42 years old. Next born Megawati, Rachmawati, Sukmawati, and thunder. Bung Karno sons and daughters are known to have high artistic talent. It is not strange considering Bung Karno is an admirer of the works of art figure, while Mrs. Fatmawati very good at dancing.

Since childhood, Soekarno puppet love story. He memorized many wayang stories since childhood. While still in school in Surabaya, Sukarno was willing to stay up if there are all-night wayang. He also likes to draw puppet on her slate. Currently detained in any prison Banceuy wayanglah stories that give strength to Sukarno. Inspired by Billy Glass, Soekarno confident the truth will prevail, despite having lost many times before. He believes someday the Dutch colonizers will be defeated by the struggle of the Indonesian people.

"Puppet show in the cell is not only fun and cheer. He also soothe and empower myself. Black shadows in my head evaporate like fog and I can sleep soundly with the affirmation of faith. Whereas the good will triumph over evil , "said Soekarno in his biography, written by Cindy Adams' Bung Karno, Indonesia mouthpiece People's Bung Karno Foundation published in 2007. Sukarno not only love of Javanese culture. He also admired dances from around the country. Soekarno also so amazed to dance safely come that the people of Papua. Due Soekarno love the arts and culture, the State Palace filled with a variety of paintings, sculptures and other art objects. every go to the area, Soekarno always looking for something unique to the area. He appreciates every artist, humanists to gamelan. Soekarno will take the time to talk about art and culture every morning, in addition to talking politics.

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Bob Marley

Bob Marley was a hero in the classic mythological sense. His departure from this planet dating on his view of "One world, one love" (Vision of One World One Love) inspired from the belief in the last Rastafaria.Tour Bob Marley and the Wailers in 1980 attract the largest audiences at that time for any musical in Europe.

Captain Norval Sinclair Marley was a small-boned person. He was a supervisor of the company land of Crown Lands, owned by the British Government which had invaded Jamaica since the 1660s which is located north of the island. Rank he held when he can become the commander of the headquarters in British West Indies Regiment.
One time he met with Cendella, an indigenous woman who has her heart charming while he was visiting the district of Nine Miles. Their relationship to local gossip as Ras. In May 1944 his family because cedella surprise pregnancy. So on Friday dilaksanakanlah with Cendella marriage between Norval and the day after their wedding, Cendella evacuated to Kingston in order not tercorek named as heirs his family.
And finally Cendella gave birth to a son whom they named Robert Nesta Marley was born at 2:30 pm, Wednesday, in February 1945 with a weight of six half-pound weight (3.25 kg) in Nine Miles. It is said that on the night of his birth, many people see a meteor fall, which he believed would be born a great leader.
In 1950 Cendella moved to Trench Town - Kingston. Marley began to interact with the street gangs who then goes into gang called "The Rudeboys. Although the small, like his father, but because of his strength he was nicknamed "Tuff Gong".
After Marley dropped out of school he became interested in music. In early 1962 Bob Marley, Bunny Livingstone, Peter Mcintosh, Junior Braithwaite, Beverley Kelso and Cherry Smith formed a ska and rocksteady group by the name of "The Teenager" which later became The Wailing Rudeboys changed and changed again to The Wailing Wailer and eventually become The Wailers .
Clearly visible through the Jamaican sunlight you can select the part of the fairy tale about Marley, among others: about grief, love, understanding, and Godgiven talent.
Two decades after his death, Imensitas (oversize) Bob Marley put them into one among the most transcendent figures of the century. Ripples of the river crossing was doing his music into the ocean of politics, ethics, style filsfat, and religion (Rastafaria). Bob Marley incorporated into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. Time magazine chose the song Bob Marley & The Wailers' Exodus as the album terbersar the 20th century. in 2001 he won a Grammy Lifetime Achivement Award.

In the same year later a documentary film about his life was made by Jeremy Marre, Rebel Music, was nominated for the Best Long Form Music Video documentary at the Grammies, as well as awards for several other categories. With contributions from Rita, The Wailers, and the lover as well as her son, the film tells the story of Marley, who was also accompanied by the words Marley himself. In the summer of 2006, the City of New York pay tribute to Bob Marley with its own name the church from the road Ramsen jalam to East 98th Street to the east Brookliyn by giving the name "Marley Boulevard". And many more awards that Bob Marley get.
Bob Marley's life story is an archetype, which is why his works timeless and continues to resonate. Bob Marley talks about political repression, metaphysical and artistic insights, well-being and what is bothering her. "No Women No Cry" will still continue to erase the tears from the face of a widow "Exodus" will still bring up the knight, "Redemtion Song" is still going to be a cry for emancipation against all tirrani, "Waiting in Vaint" will remain exciting, and "One Love "will continue to be an international hymn for the unity of humanity in the world exceeded the limits, go beyond beliefs, where each person will be aware of and learn.
Bob Marley is not just a music star who mostly record-breaking international records, but he also became a moral and religious figure. Bob Marley In addition we also have to recognize that many musicians are more superior than the discovery of instrumental, vocal style of musical composition, and only Bob Marley on.But that can make us see thousands of people Hpi of Mexico, Maori of New Zealand even his community in Indonesia (Jogjakarta and Bali), gather each year in his honor.
Many fans around the world imitate hairstyles dreadlocknya as though some fanatic who imitate Bob Marley dreadlock as affected by voyeurism, when in fact dreadlock Bob Marley as part of the Rastafarian belief in the Teachings, and instead of culturing of celebrity idol. In general in Indonesia, the figure of Bob Marley much identified with marijuana, but marijuana is part of the ritual and doctrine and Rastafarian Bob Marly are believers. Naturally, when he consumes, making poetry, and singing.