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Biography Raditya Dika - Indonesian Young Writers


Dika Angkasaputra Moerwani or commonly known as a writer Raditya Dika from Indonesia. In Indonesia, Raditya Dika known as the author of humorous books. The man who is familiarly called Radith born in Jakarta, December 28, 1984, began his career as a writer through his personal blog (which is now a which is then recorded. The first book that lifted him Kambing Jantan : Sebuah Catatan Harian Pelajar Bodoh (2005) in the category of best sellers.
The book that tells the life Dikung (Raditya Dika) while studying in Australia, the stories as Indonesian students studying abroad. This book is classified as a new genre. When he released his first book, is not a lot that goes into the world of comedy writing. Especially stylish personal diary (personal essay). His second book titled
Cinta Brontosaurus, was published in 2006. The second book of short stories inimenggunakan format (short stories) which tells of the experience of love Radithyang not always seem to be lucky. Third book entitled Radikus Makankakus : Bukan Binatang Biasa on August 29, 2007.
The third book tells Radith monument that had become a clown in a day, teach tutoring, then when Radith mistaken watchman WC ghost, until the story of the curse of the NTB.
Meanwhile, the fourth book titled
Babi Ngesot : Datang Tak Diundang Pulang Tak Berkutang published in April 2008. Thought Radith travel and the desire to start posting on his personal blog diary as she won the Indonesian Blog Award.
Radith also never won an award titled theonline Inspiring Award 2009 from Indosat. From that experience, he printed (print out) writings on the blog and then he offered the manuscript to several publishers printed it printed as a book. Initially many were rejected, but later when he was to GagasMedia, a book publisher, the manuscript was accepted, although they had a presentation beforehand. Radit success became a writer because he was out of the mainstream (mainstream). He appeared with a fresh new genre. Which makes it different from other authors is the idea of ​​the name of an animal which he always used in his book setap. From the first to the latest book, the title contains the name of all the animals.
For Radith, this is a selling point. For Radith, as writers still have to have innovation. Actually, the first few months, not too sold her first book. This, according to Radith, is the risk of a new entry in the genre. Radith then aggressively promote a blog that he managed. He was also vigorous campaign by word of mouth (word of mouth). Radith asks readers to take a picture with her first book was then sent to Radith.
Be it a marketing strategy that can manage readers as its target market. According Radith, in writing, not necessarily after the books came out, business is completed. Then, the marketing diserahkankepada publishers. Instead, the writer should also be a marketer for his own as well sebenarnyapenulis artists. Creative writers who will make his book as a product that can be sold on the market baginyaharus. Although the book is essentially not a commercial item, but looking at the book as a product knowledge who pelu marketed is a thing that needs to be done at this time.
Being a successful writer does not mean that there are no obstacles. According Radith, barriers bukan hanya of the book industry, but also from things that are diagonal. That is, the opponent may not be a book dariindustri other book industry but other industries that are not related at all as entertainment (entertainment), food, and others. For example, if there are young people have money 50,000 dollars, he would not necessarily spend it on books. The money could be used to watch movies in theaters or buy fast food. And clear, the book is not first choice.
For Radith this is already prevalent. All you need do is continue to create and be creative. For him, there is the key to innovation. Pressure competitors can be a motivation to continue to provide new ideas, and to explore the potential. Radith is now continuing her studies in the extension program and Politikdi Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Indonesia. In addition, he is now a career in book publishing Bukune. Radith acting as a director as well as director and editor in chief.
2005 – Kambing Jantan : Sebuah Catatan Harian Pelajar Bodoh
2006 – Cinta Brontosaurus
2007 – Radikus Makankakus : Bukan Binatang Biasa
2008 – Babi Ngesot
2010 – Marmut Merah Jambu
2011 – Manusia Setengah Salmon 

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Biography of Andrea Hirata - Novel Writers


Andrea Hirata Seman Said Aaron was born on the island of Belitung October 24, 1982, Andrea Hirata itself was the fourth child of the couple Seman Harunayah Said and NA Masturah. He was born in a poor village, including the village and is situated on the island farthest enough Belitong. Lived in a village with all the limitations are quite affecting personal Andrea childhood. He claimed to get more motivation from his surroundings that many shows keperihatinan.

Andrea Hirata name is not actually a gift from her parents. From birth he was named Aqil Barraq Badruddin. Feeling not match the name, Andrea was replaced with Wadhud. However, he still felt burdened with that name. As a result, he changed his name back to Andrea Hirata Seman Said Aaron since he was a teenager.

"Andrea is taken from the name of a woman who is determined to kill himself if his favorite singer, Elvis Presley does not reply to the letter," said Andrea.

While Hirata itself is taken from the name of the village and not the name of the Japanese as previously supposed. As a teenager then, man's original starting Belitong bears the name of Andrea Hirata. Andrea grew as well as other village children. With all the limitations, Andrea remains a jolly boy who occasionally turns into thinkers while studying at school. In addition, he also often have dreams and dreams in the future.

As she told the novel Laskar Pelangi, Andrea went to a small school building condition is very pathetic and almost collapsed. Muhammadiyah elementary school named Andrea is recognized memperihatinkan enough. However, due to lack of funding, he was forced to go to a school that looks more like a cattle pen. Despite the need to gain knowledge in the building that is not comfortable, Andrea still has significant motivation to learn. At school it was also, he met with his companions, dubbed as the Rainbow Warriors.
In SD Muhammadiyah anyway, Andrea met a teacher who until now very respected, ie NA (Nyi Ayu) Muslimah.
"I write books for Bu Muslimah Rainbow Warriors," Andrea said firmly to reality.
Persistence Bu Muslimah to teach students who only numbering no more than 11 people turned out meant a lot for Andrea lives. Changes in the life of Andrea, he admitted not because of motivation and discipline Bu Muslimah. Actually, on the island of Belitong no other school administered by PN Timah. However, Andrea has no right to attend the school because of his father who still holds the status of a petty official. "The novel I wrote a memoir about my childhood, which shaped me to become what it is," said Andrea, who gives her novel royalties to the library is a poor school.
About Muslim figure, Andrea regard it as a very inspiring life. "
We struggle to maintain a school that nearly collapsed in a very memorable trip of my life, "said Andrea.
Thanks Bu Muslimah, Andrea getting a boost that makes it able to cover a distance of 30 km from home to school to gain knowledge. Not surprisingly, he was greatly admired figure Bu Muslimah as one of inspiration in his life. Being a writer was recognized as the figure Bu Muslimah Andrea. Since 3rd grade, Andrea had made up the intention to be a writer in the struggle Bu Muslimah as a teacher. "When I grow up, I will write about Bu Muslimah," said the singer Anggun's fans. Since then, Andrea had never stopped doodling to learn to write stories.
After finishing school in his hometown, Andrea then ventured to migrate to Jakarta after graduating high school. At that time, his desire to reach goals as a writer and went to college to be the biggest impetus to move to Jakarta. When on the ship, Andrea getting advice from the captain to stay at the Chester area as there is still crowded than in downtown Jakarta. Armed with this advice, he boarded a bus to arrive in the Chester area. However, the bus driver turned out to escort him to Bogor. Abysmal, Andrea then start her new life in the rainy city.
Luckily for her, Andrea was able to obtain a job as a mail sorter in the post office Bogor. On the basis of her hard work, Andrea managed to continue his education at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia. Feel the college is one of his goals since he departed from Belitong. After graduating and obtaining a bachelor's degree, Andrea was also able to get a scholarship to continue his education Economic Theory S2 at Universite de Paris, Sorbonne, France and Sheffield Hallam University, UK.
Thanks to a brilliant brain, Andrea graduated with cum laude status and capable European Union holds a Masters Degree. Upon his return to his homeland, Andrea worked at PT Telkom and dressing he worked as an employee of Telkom. Now, Andrea is still active as an instructor at the telecommunications company. During his work, his intention to become a writer is still buried deep in her heart. Intention to write increasingly tempestuous after he became a volunteer in Aceh for tsunami victims. "At that time I saw the devastation of the tsunami, including the destruction of schools in Aceh," recalled the man who does not have a literary background.
The condition of the schools that have been destroyed then reminded of the past SD Muhammadiyah is also virtually collapsed despite not because of a natural disaster. The memory of Bu Muslimah figure was back to haunt his mind. Upon his return from Aceh, Andrea was steadying himself to write about his past experiences in SD Muhammadiyah and figure Bu Muslimah. "I do it only for three weeks," I'm the man whose birthday is on October 24.
700-page manuscript was then duplicated into 11 pieces. One copy of the manuscript sent to Bu Muslimah who was sick at the time. While the rest is sent to her friends in the Rainbow Warriors. Incidentally, the text that is in the laptop Andrea read by one of his colleagues who then sends it to a publisher.
Bak tit for tat, the publisher was keen to issue and sell to the market. Precisely in December 2005, the book Laskar Pelangi officially launched into the market. In a short time, Laskar Pelangi became the talk of the fans of literary work especially novel. Within a week, the Andrea debut novel was able to be reprinted. Even within a year after its launch, Laskar Pelangi able to sell as many as 200 thousand that are included in the best-seller. Until now, Laskar Pelangi able to sell more than one million copies.
Laskar Pelangi the sales crept up after Andrea appeared in one television show. Even sales reached 20 thousand in a day. It is a feat in itself for Andrea, moreover, he is still relatively new as a novelist. Though Andrea himself admitted it is rare to read a novel before writing Laskar Pelangi. Success with Laskar Pelangi, Andrea then re-launch the second book, The Dreamer, published in July 2006 and continued with the third book, Edensor in August 2007. In addition to the level of success in sales, Andrea also won literary awards Equatorial Literary Award (KLA) in 2007.

Eid in K.. Now, Andrea is very busy with writing activities and a speaker in various events related to the world of literature. Income also includes the most highly as a writer. However, some had doubts about the contents of the novel Laskar Pelangi is considered too excessive. "It's a novel, so it's normal if there is a little story composed," said Andrea, who had a dream of living in Kye Gompa, the highest village in the world which is located in the Himalayas. His success as a writer certainly got her proud and happy over the results of his hard work over the years.
Although busy with activities that takes times, Andrea was still able to take the time for going home in time last Eid. Even for Andrea, going home to Belitong when Eid is obligatory. "My parents are elderly, so every Eid I have to go home," Andrea said firmly. In K., Andrea did a routine to stay in touch with parents and other relatives as he takes the cake rimpak, Malay cakes are always present at the time of Eid. Although a trip to Belitong not easy, because of limited transportation options, Andrea still must be going home every Eid arrives. What's more, if he did not get air tickets to Tanjung Pandan Airport, Island Belitong, then inevitably Andrea must take 18 hours of traveling by ship.
Feeling increasingly felt proud and happy when Andrea was named Laskar Pelangi movie by Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza. "I believe in their abilities," he said firmly. Moreover, the film Laskar Pelangi also was watched by a number of people in this country, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono some time ago. "
Rainbow Warriors now have a broader articulation than a book. The values ​​in Laskar Pelangi become more widespread, "said Andrea
Being a famous novelist probably never existed in the mind of Andrea Hirata since childhood. Striving to achieve higher education course, it is difficult at the time. However, along with the struggle and hard work endlessly, Andrea is able to achieve success as a writer's memoir of his childhood filled with keperihatinan.

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Biography Drs. Suyadi - Creator Si Unyil


Drs. Suyadi (born in Puger, Jember, East Java, 28 November 1932, age 80 years) is the creator of The Unyil, an Indonesian television series. The Unyil Suyadi create events that are educational for children of Indonesia in the 1980s. Then, Unyil reformatted to conform with the 2000s era, so it can remain popular Indonesian children. Results of re-formatting the show Si Si Unyil Unyil is Laptop. He is also known as Pak Raden Unyil event.Suyadi is a fine arts graduate of Bandung Institute of Technology (1952-1960) and then continue studying animation to France (1961-1963).
Who does not know Pak Raden in Si Unyil puppet film series?He is the Drs. Suyadi. Behind the black beskap, blangkon and thick mustache, who was born in Puger Suyadi, Jember 28 November 1932 it is a true storyteller.In 1980 and 1991, the seventh child of nine siblings have been involved directly in the series Si Unyil. Of tangannyalah puppet character concept story written Kurnain Suhardiman the legendary to this day. At its heyday, Si Unyil series has reached more than 603 puppet film series, and became friends in the audience throughout the country in every Sunday morning.Suyadi completing his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Bandung Institute (1952-1960) and then continue studying animation in France (1961-1963). Since he was a student Suyadi already produces a number of works in the form of a children's book illustrated and animated short films. Suyadi privilege not only to illustrate, but also has the ability to write their own stories. Even in his old age now, Suyadi keep working. "Every day is always the doodles ..." joked one day.Along with four loyal cat, now he spent the rest of his life without knowing the word holiday. He was the voice for Unyil The latest series in a private television station, sometimes still ditanggap storytelling in a number of events, completing a number of paintings, and writing children's books. And a man who has just passed, who turns 77 years old on 28 November 2009 it became the model clip a group of young musical, Nine Band.Dijerang encoknya sense of pain that often recur, Suyadi said, "When the clock turned back, I want to remain a Suyadi. But Pinginnya Suyadi to work better, Suyadi that can do more for the world's children, Suyadi who have better financial condition ... "he said jokingly.Seeing a Suyadi gait as a versatile artist means recording back journey as a creative process:Suyadi as one of the creators of puppet film Si UnyilSuyadi as a painter who has produced dozens of paintings figurative-narrative style.Suyadi as a book author as well as a book illustrator.Suyadi as a storyteller with a distinctive style with dolls and drawing.Suyadi as Javanese artist who mampunyai attention on the art of dance, gamelan, musicians, and become a puppeteer.Suyadi as one of the most influential figures of the early history of animation in Indonesia.Suyadi as a teacher, both as an academic teacher in the art of illustration art at his alma mater, ITB Bandung, special lecturer at the Jakarta Arts Institute Jakarta animation and as a speaker at the workshop on the animated fairy tales and special events.Dedication to the Indonesian culture, in this case Javanese culture into creative record that should be preserved in the book life journey of a Suyadi.Noted that the overall life Suyadi dedicated his life to the children. As a lover of children he devotes his creation in the form of fairy tales, books, and paintings for Indonesian children.


Dozens of children's story books of his work in circulation since the 70s, even up to now. A number of awards in the field of perbukuan has he achieved. And by 2008 he was producing children's book titled Petruk So King (Children's Book Lovers Group, 2008).
Suyadi own life like a fairy tale. Up and down her creative journey in a split plot. Perhaps because he himself as a master storyteller, he was living it with sincerity. As a storyteller, has Suyadi hallmark storytelling, drawing. Arguably, he was the first storyteller in Indonesia, or even in Asia, which tells the story of fairy tales while drawing.
As a painter, Suyadi has produced dozens of themed children's work and the world of puppets and figurative-narrative style leather.
One thing that is inherent in him until now is the figure of "Pak Raden". Mustachioed figure with blangkon it was none other than one of the characters in the series Si Unyil.
No fictional character who is so loved and lived for decades as Unyil. In addition to being an art director, Suyadi creating puppets and models incorporate a number of new characters such as Pak Raden, Mr. averse, Mrs. BARIAH and so forth. In addition scriptwriter Kurnain Suhardiman, Suyadi presence in the series Si Unyil as giving "life" so Unyil and his friends are still alive and loved to this day. *

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Mbah Moedjair Biography - Inventors Fish Mujair


Mr Iwan Dalauk who nicknamed Mbah Moedjair born in the village of Brass, 3 Km east of Blitar city center. Of spouse and mother Rubiyah Bayan Isman, he was born in 1890. Not much to tell about childhood through adolescence, because the resource is up with his contemporaries.
Moedjair 4th child of 9 children, married with Partimah Village Brass at that time. Moedjair from this marriage was blessed with seven children, namely: Wahanan, Napiyah, Thoyibah, Imam Soepardi, Ismoenir, Djaenuri, David. All of his children are now deceased except Ismoenir Kanigoro living in Blitar and Djaenuri Kencong living in Jember.
According to Mbah Ismoenir 5th child of Mbah Moedjair surviving. For day-to-day income, first Moedjair satay stalls which opened the era quite well known-Kanigoro Kuningan area. Customer satay stall Moedjair from various backgrounds and races, from old to young, from race to race java yellow (chinese descent).
There is a negative side of Mbah behavior Moedjair time having its heyday satay stall is like gaming. But the gamble, Mbah Moedjair just want to gamble with the Chinese. He did not want to gamble with the Java and he also educate all their children not to gamble. One of the negative effects arising from the gambling craze is the destruction of businesses owned by Mbah Moedjair satay stall, as manifested by Slamet grandson Mbah Mbah Mbah Moedjair of Wahanan.In current times it collapsed, Mbah Moedjair undergo penance behavior where every 1st Suro Javanese calendar, he showers at precisely Serang Beach South Blitar. Early this bathing ritual, because Grandma Moedjair Papungan invited by the village chief (Mr. Muraji), also because he dreamed of long hair and beard to be touching the ground. At a time when the ritual bath, Mbah Moedjair find a fish that huge numbers and has a uniqueness that is saving children in his mouth when there is danger and removed when it's safe.
See the uniqueness of this fish, Mbah Moedjair intend to breed her home area Papungan-Kanigoro-Blitar. To take this fish Mbah Moedjair capture using cloth Udeng (headband) which he used.Accompanied by two friends, namely Isaac and Omar Abdullah, Mbah Moedjair bring these fish back to the village Papungan. But because of different habitats, then the fish die when put into fresh water that is on the home page Mbah Moedjair in Papungan. Seeing something like this, instead of Mbah Moedjair desperate but even more persistent in the experiment with the purpose of fish species can live in freshwater habitats. Habitats are very different from the original sea water (salt).
He was back and forth Papungan - Attack within 35 Km, on foot by passing through jungle, up and down hills and road access is difficult and takes two days and two nights. Attack on the Beach he took the fish species using Gentong made of clay. He also experimented with the salty sea water mixing with fresh water, continuously with fresh water concentration level is progressively more a lot of sea water which then both different types of water can be fused. According to Mbah Ismoenir, this experiment met success at trial to-11, which means traveling back and forth 11 times Serang.Pada Papungan-to-11 trial is successful live 4 new types of fish to freshwater habitats. The incident happened on 25 MARCH 1936.

The success of this experiment, Mbah Moedjair heartening. All the toil, hardship and obstacles paid off with her four new fish species. 4th fish is then by Mbah Moedjair bred in pond water source area Tenggong Papungan village. From initially just one pond eventually grew into 3 pools. Mbah Moedjair also build a hut that also serves as a residence for his family around the pool this tenggong.
Due to rapid propagation of these fish species, the number of fish belonging Mbah Moedjair longer more and more. For it by Mbah Moedjair new fish species is given free of charge to the public about Papungan, but it also sold around Blitar Blitar and beyond.One time, the discovery of this new species of fish reached the ears of Resident Assistants based in Kediri. Resident Assistant who is also a scientist is tempted to examine fish species Moedjair Mbah these findings. From the existing literature and based on the data, the Resident Assistant concluded that the ancestors of this fish comes from the waters of Africa. The Resident Assistant is also conducting research and interviews with Mbah Moedjair about everything about this fish. Starting from the discovery process in the beach attack, until the experiment 11 times. Hear the narrative of Mbah Moedjair, the Resident Assistant was amazed and impressed by the persistence and tenacity Mbah Moedjair.The Resident Assistant reward Moedjair Mbah a naming this new species of fish in accordance with his name Moedjair which became known as the fish Moedjair.

Fish Moedjair increasingly become a byword and a growing number of people who breed. Mbah Moedjair name became more widely known. With the assistance Wahanan, his eldest son. Moedjair fish is marketed to almost mainland East Java with a bike ride Beetle. He was appointed by the Government as well as Jogo Boyo Papungan village also earn a monthly salary of local government. He was appointed by the Government of Indonesia as Mantri Fisheries. In addition, he also received the Executive Award from INDO PASIPIK FISHERIES COMMITTEE COUNCIL find fish Moedjair for his services. The award was given in Bogor on 30 - JUNE - 1954.In addition to the above awards are still some of the MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE awards on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia on 17 - AUGUST - 1951 which was at that time occupied by Ir.Soeharto.


He Died on 07-09-1957 due to illness Asthma.
He was buried in the village cemetery Papungan. Then in 1960 at the initiative of the Ministry of Fisheries of Indonesia, his grave was moved to the south village Papungan special area that also serves as a family tomb. Written on his tombstone MOEDJAIR Inventors MOEDJAIR FISH complete with fish Moedjair relief. In recognition of his services invaluable. Also the access road to the cemetery, also named Moedjair.

On December 6 April 1965 the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Inland Fisheries and Marine Fishermen confers Mbah Moedjair as Pioneer. The charter was signed by the Minister of Fisheries Hamzah Atmohandojo.

His wife, Partimah died in 1966 and was buried beside the tomb of Mbah Moedjair. Partimah is a figure loyal wife and devoted husband respect, one is a form of respect to her husband until the last moment before death Moedjair Grandma, Mom Partimah still communicate with the Java language is fine.

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Biography John Boyn Dunlop - Tires Discoverer Wind


 Boyn John Dunlop was born from a family of farmers in Dreghom, North Ayrshire Scotland on February 5, 1840. He is the inventor of the wind belt. As a child he lived in his hometown. Young Dunlop completed his studies and obtained a veterinarian at Dick Vet, University of Edinburgh Scotland. After finishing school, Dunlop first practice as a veterinarian in Edinburgh, Scotland, and then in Belfast, Ireland. In his youth, John is known as a hard worker. Even at the age of 19 years he has worked to help the economy of his parents who are farmers. In 1871 John married Margaret Stevenson and her three sons.
The origin of the creation of the pneumatic tire encouraged when John first time designing a bicycle wheel to his son that was deliberately designed to reduce shocks when riding on rough roads which cause headaches. John tried hard to answer complaints that their children feel less comfortable with his tricycle. In 1887, John Boyd Dunlop successfully designed and developed the first pneumatic tire for his son's tricycle.

Most of the available literature, the first air-pressure rubber tires made designed by John Boyd Dunlop rubber tires filled with air like the common use of motor vehicles at this time. Modifications sewn inside the tire in the tire and glued to the edges. John also make improvements tricycle tires are solid rubber and wrap the tube with the pumped up with air. Tire is then mounted on the bike with the rear wheel mounted linen tape to give the tire tread.
An Irish industrialist William Harvey du Cros interested in the discovery of John Dunlop tires. Harvey interested after seeing a cyclist won the race in Belfast with artificial pneumatic wheeled bike John. Harvey then provide capital to John for his discovery market. Later John with William Dunlop Rubber Company building, which attracted the attention of tire companies in the world. Findings brilliant John is regarded as groundbreaking progress in the development of rubber tires in the 18th century. John recently patented his invention on December 7, 1888 in the United Kingdom English. Although it has been patented, John findings known to be invalid after the first tire design was created by Robert William Thomson. R.W. Thomson invented and patented the pneumatic tire in 1845. Even so, with the invention of modern tires, John is more recognized than the findings RW Thomson.

Dunlop tires tire design was first advertised in 1889 in The Irish Cyclist. Two years later, John Boyd Dunlop Dunlop Tyres established the first factory in Dublin, Ireland. One year later John mass produce tires in Belfast. 1891 built Fort Dunlop Factory in Birmingham, England which is now the headquarters of Dunlop. Dunlop growth of pioneering multinational corporation to succeed quickly. After being introduced in 1888, Dunlop pneumatic tires became standard equipment for the bike as it is very good for use on rough roads. In the same year, for the first time Dunlop tires used on cars manufactured by Karl Benz.

Dunlop is now the world's leading tire brands with a variety of products that have been scraped palms on the highway millions around the world. In the decade of the '80s, Dunlop managed to dominate the market in Germany, Britain, France, and the United States. That was the beginning of the rapid development of Dunlop, particularly in the areas of technology development, production capacity, and global marketing network all over the world. John Boyd Dunlop died October 23, 1921, due to illness. He managed to create a practical tire products that are beneficial to the automotive world.

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Biography of the painter Frans Soemarto Mendur Light To State


Frans Mendur is the third child of a family of August Mendur - Mononimbar. Frank was born on 16 April 1913 in the village of Talikuran, District Kawangkoan, Manado. Since childhood, not just physically strong alone, but his character, his ambition, his ideals, the will and the spirit is also strong and brave.

At the very young age, Frans Mendur had dared to come out of his hometown and his family leave the neighborhood in order to fulfill his desire to follow people migrated from the new Java he knew on the ship that sailed to Surabaya. Javanese it is M.B. Sumoprawiro, which then makes Frans Mendur as his adopted son, by giving additional names FRANS Soemarto MENDUR. When in Surabaya, the nature and strong personality is growing. He loved to hang out with people, adventurous, and always look forward as a pioneer.

With the permission of the adoptive parents, Frans Soemarto Mendur go to Batavia (Jakarta) and met with his brother Alex Mendur. Alex was studying photography Mendur Soemarto Frans, Frans Soemarto Mendur to become a famous photojournalist. While to pursue his profession as a photojournalist, Frans 1930 Soemarto Mendur a member of the Indonesian Nation Party led by Dr. Atopic Dermatitis. Joined in 1934 and became one of the leaders of the United Party of Celebes. In 1935 a member of the Party of Indonesia Raya branch managers, in addition to his activities as secretary of the Youth Movement of the Solar Warawan Jakarta Branch.
Jakarta also Frans Soemarto Mendur met with the woman he loved so much and always with the Djamilah struggle, which eventually he married on June 10, 1937. Frans and Djamilah have two children namely Sumartini and Sumarjono, although previously Frans and Djamilah was blessed with three children but died in the hospital.
On August 17, 1945, Frans Soemarto Mendur Pegangsaan Road East is 56 and managed to capture the historic event, which is the reading of the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence manuscript. After independence was proclaimed Frans Soemarto Mendur still active in the struggle for Indonesian independence. Frans Soemarto Mendur leads Youth Movement and the Youth Pioneers API in Downtown Bloomington area, with the goal of disarming the Japanese, then the deployment period and spread pamphlets to the success of giants in the field Ikada Meeting on September 19, 1945. Frans Soemarto Mendur and some fellow journalists who had worked diharian Asian seized printing De Unie is then used as a means of struggle of Indonesia in the field of lighting, which then prints the Independent newspaper. Next Frans Soemarto Mendur alerting youth to join the People's Security Army Lieutenant Soepangat. Frans managed to cover events Soemarto Mendur movements respond landing Allied fighters.
In 1946, Frank moved to Jogjakarta Soemarto Mendur as one journalist Palace. At the time of the revolution, Frans Soemarto Mendur family living for 5 years in Jogjakarta, who at that time was made the capital of the State Government of Indonesia. Because it is considered an important function photojournalist then Bung Karno and the Sultan IX gives shelter in Kepatihan Jogja. Frans Soemarto Mendur also briefly joined the guerrilla army TNI Commander General Sudirman so Frans Soemarto Mendur managed to collect documentation of the photos are very important struggle.
There are many other forms of struggle Fras Mendur Soemarto either directly or indirectly during the struggle and after the struggle for Indonesian independence. Among the leadership of the People's Army Frans into Jakarta Raya located in Jogjakarta, became Chairman of the Board of Struggle Worship Rakyat Indonesia Sulawesi, became Chairman of the Indonesian Journalists Association Kring Jakarta, became Chief editor of magazine IPPHOS Repot Jakarta, and many more.
Dated 24 April 1971 on a fighter, photojournalist, reporter and managed to capture the moments of the famous Proclamation of Independence in Indonesia and in the international community, with the name FRANS Soemarto MENDUR, breathed his last.

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Rosihan Anwar Biography (A prominent Indonesian journalist)


Journalism that they do actually start from the bottom. Although his newspaper was banned by President Sukarno and Suharto, he never stopped writing. Rosihan Anwar living legend arguably the Indonesian press. Because it would not be surprised if he gets an award Award Loyalty Working as a journalist.
The award was accepted Rosihan on the 40th anniversary of Compass. According to Aida, his son, the rumors about the award is long heard her father. But, says Aida, "Mr. heck ordinary."

It's like that's the Rosihan. After all, he was judged to be consistent in working as a journalist. Career in journalism as practiced from under Asian reporter during the Japanese occupation in 1943 to become chief editor of Siasat (1947-1957) and Guidelines (1948-1961). For six years, since 1968, he served as Chairman of the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI).
Recent Posts man born in Kubang Nan Dua (West Sumatra), May 10, 1922, the Kompas daily published on 9 April 2005 was a report of a visit to South Africa. In memoriam new posts are Adinegoro Commemorating 100 Years, published August 14, 2004. If the book, is about 30 in number. New ones, such as Small History, Petite Histoire Indonesia, published by Compass Book Publishers, June 2004.
Journalism that they do actually start from the bottom, as the Asian newspaper reporter during the Japanese occupation in 1943 to become chief editor of Strategy (1947-1957) and the Guidelines. Though banned by President Sukarno and Suharto, Rosihan never stopped writing.
Another consideration of granting grace it is because Rosihan a journalist intent on finding facts. He framed the fact that in one mind. He writes with a traditional narrator techniques, such as those berkabar with everything done in a relaxed, laidback, and light. But not necessarily be superficial.
Besides satisfaction has led the newspaper Guidelines, Rosihan feel high achievement is helped raise Compass. The one that gives him satisfaction was around 1966 when he asked one of the founders of Compass, PK Ojong, writes political map of the earth. That time is age-Soeharto Soekarno dualism so that people want to know the political developments.
How to write quite unique, which is to write the numbers in each fact, become a kind of reportage memo. Between the number one and two are sometimes no relationship. But the fact was revealed to be a political mosaic map of the Earth.
"I think it's a good achievement. Many people ask me, why given the numbers, because I write reportage. Because not long-winded, one could examine the facts and my analysis, "he said.

Card system
Another achievement is assessed satisfy when writing serial reportage Soviet Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev in 1960. He followed Khrushchev's visit in Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali, and Maluku for two weeks. He knew the news agency has written facts. So he wrote the stories behind the facts and the colors, for example, who danced at Bung Karno Siring Palace. He gave the title of Safari Nikita. People were happy to read it because it was served with storytelling (storytelling).
Until now, Rosihan still diligently read the book. Which again is a thick book enthuses now 1,200-page work titled Dutch journalist Geert Mak In Europa, Reizen door de twintigste eeuw (In Europe, a stroll During the 20th Century). He could not stop reading it because it's interesting. Short sentence and soundbite-style (short quotations that are important and interesting).
Many people think Rosihan great because many details of the events can remember decades ago when he wrote in memoriam. In fact, according to him, a detail that could arise due to assisted knowledge by reading books and diligently making notes of things in the cards. Card system was copied from Soedjatmoko the new home of Cornell University, United States, decades ago. In a yellow card already looked it, he noted the important excerpts from various books and magazines on a variety of interesting things.
Recently, when Ruslan Abdul Gani died, he had time to think what is new about this character was written in memoriam to her because it had been written as 90-year-old Ruslan on 24 November 2004.
In the times, everything has changed. Information technology has so advanced that journalists now have actually been much easier to work. Tabloidisme phenomenon is not inevitable because of the influence of television. Writings should be short, but it still contains.
If there soundbite on television, then it is now transferred to the paper. For depth, he must attempt to do too multifocal, said Siti Zuraida Sanawi husband with three children.
Contrast to when he decided to be a journalist in 1943 to liberate people's idealism is more prominent, Rosihan can understand if development of the press better meet the needs of today's businesses.
Looking at the writings of the young journalists of today, Rosihan in general was not satisfied. Many do not interest him. What a source of difficulty in writing and there is a sense of the author wants to show off. First material to be mastered by reading books, easy exit later. If it does not need to be right, do not use English, said Middlebare School alumnus Algemeene Yogyakarta Part II 1942 A's.
Of interaction with people like Sjahrir in the days of socialist revolution, he knew democrat socialist ideology, which essentially journalists should strive to uphold the dignity of human beings (human dignity). If I retrospect into the back, the press has now turned into a business. Journalists into labor, he said.
Even so, according to Rosihan, does not mean the press now has no ideals because if there is no labor charge reporters intellectual idealism.Rosihan hope, journalists are now looking for work satisfaction, although he was just part of a big factory. However, still do not forget the history and traditions of the Indonesian press, which must always appear to defend the underprivileged.