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Biography of Andrea Hirata - Novel Writers


Andrea Hirata Seman Said Aaron was born on the island of Belitung October 24, 1982, Andrea Hirata itself was the fourth child of the couple Seman Harunayah Said and NA Masturah. He was born in a poor village, including the village and is situated on the island farthest enough Belitong. Lived in a village with all the limitations are quite affecting personal Andrea childhood. He claimed to get more motivation from his surroundings that many shows keperihatinan.

Andrea Hirata name is not actually a gift from her parents. From birth he was named Aqil Barraq Badruddin. Feeling not match the name, Andrea was replaced with Wadhud. However, he still felt burdened with that name. As a result, he changed his name back to Andrea Hirata Seman Said Aaron since he was a teenager.

"Andrea is taken from the name of a woman who is determined to kill himself if his favorite singer, Elvis Presley does not reply to the letter," said Andrea.

While Hirata itself is taken from the name of the village and not the name of the Japanese as previously supposed. As a teenager then, man's original starting Belitong bears the name of Andrea Hirata. Andrea grew as well as other village children. With all the limitations, Andrea remains a jolly boy who occasionally turns into thinkers while studying at school. In addition, he also often have dreams and dreams in the future.

As she told the novel Laskar Pelangi, Andrea went to a small school building condition is very pathetic and almost collapsed. Muhammadiyah elementary school named Andrea is recognized memperihatinkan enough. However, due to lack of funding, he was forced to go to a school that looks more like a cattle pen. Despite the need to gain knowledge in the building that is not comfortable, Andrea still has significant motivation to learn. At school it was also, he met with his companions, dubbed as the Rainbow Warriors.
In SD Muhammadiyah anyway, Andrea met a teacher who until now very respected, ie NA (Nyi Ayu) Muslimah.
"I write books for Bu Muslimah Rainbow Warriors," Andrea said firmly to reality.
Persistence Bu Muslimah to teach students who only numbering no more than 11 people turned out meant a lot for Andrea lives. Changes in the life of Andrea, he admitted not because of motivation and discipline Bu Muslimah. Actually, on the island of Belitong no other school administered by PN Timah. However, Andrea has no right to attend the school because of his father who still holds the status of a petty official. "The novel I wrote a memoir about my childhood, which shaped me to become what it is," said Andrea, who gives her novel royalties to the library is a poor school.
About Muslim figure, Andrea regard it as a very inspiring life. "
We struggle to maintain a school that nearly collapsed in a very memorable trip of my life, "said Andrea.
Thanks Bu Muslimah, Andrea getting a boost that makes it able to cover a distance of 30 km from home to school to gain knowledge. Not surprisingly, he was greatly admired figure Bu Muslimah as one of inspiration in his life. Being a writer was recognized as the figure Bu Muslimah Andrea. Since 3rd grade, Andrea had made up the intention to be a writer in the struggle Bu Muslimah as a teacher. "When I grow up, I will write about Bu Muslimah," said the singer Anggun's fans. Since then, Andrea had never stopped doodling to learn to write stories.
After finishing school in his hometown, Andrea then ventured to migrate to Jakarta after graduating high school. At that time, his desire to reach goals as a writer and went to college to be the biggest impetus to move to Jakarta. When on the ship, Andrea getting advice from the captain to stay at the Chester area as there is still crowded than in downtown Jakarta. Armed with this advice, he boarded a bus to arrive in the Chester area. However, the bus driver turned out to escort him to Bogor. Abysmal, Andrea then start her new life in the rainy city.
Luckily for her, Andrea was able to obtain a job as a mail sorter in the post office Bogor. On the basis of her hard work, Andrea managed to continue his education at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia. Feel the college is one of his goals since he departed from Belitong. After graduating and obtaining a bachelor's degree, Andrea was also able to get a scholarship to continue his education Economic Theory S2 at Universite de Paris, Sorbonne, France and Sheffield Hallam University, UK.
Thanks to a brilliant brain, Andrea graduated with cum laude status and capable European Union holds a Masters Degree. Upon his return to his homeland, Andrea worked at PT Telkom and dressing he worked as an employee of Telkom. Now, Andrea is still active as an instructor at the telecommunications company. During his work, his intention to become a writer is still buried deep in her heart. Intention to write increasingly tempestuous after he became a volunteer in Aceh for tsunami victims. "At that time I saw the devastation of the tsunami, including the destruction of schools in Aceh," recalled the man who does not have a literary background.
The condition of the schools that have been destroyed then reminded of the past SD Muhammadiyah is also virtually collapsed despite not because of a natural disaster. The memory of Bu Muslimah figure was back to haunt his mind. Upon his return from Aceh, Andrea was steadying himself to write about his past experiences in SD Muhammadiyah and figure Bu Muslimah. "I do it only for three weeks," I'm the man whose birthday is on October 24.
700-page manuscript was then duplicated into 11 pieces. One copy of the manuscript sent to Bu Muslimah who was sick at the time. While the rest is sent to her friends in the Rainbow Warriors. Incidentally, the text that is in the laptop Andrea read by one of his colleagues who then sends it to a publisher.
Bak tit for tat, the publisher was keen to issue and sell to the market. Precisely in December 2005, the book Laskar Pelangi officially launched into the market. In a short time, Laskar Pelangi became the talk of the fans of literary work especially novel. Within a week, the Andrea debut novel was able to be reprinted. Even within a year after its launch, Laskar Pelangi able to sell as many as 200 thousand that are included in the best-seller. Until now, Laskar Pelangi able to sell more than one million copies.
Laskar Pelangi the sales crept up after Andrea appeared in one television show. Even sales reached 20 thousand in a day. It is a feat in itself for Andrea, moreover, he is still relatively new as a novelist. Though Andrea himself admitted it is rare to read a novel before writing Laskar Pelangi. Success with Laskar Pelangi, Andrea then re-launch the second book, The Dreamer, published in July 2006 and continued with the third book, Edensor in August 2007. In addition to the level of success in sales, Andrea also won literary awards Equatorial Literary Award (KLA) in 2007.

Eid in K.. Now, Andrea is very busy with writing activities and a speaker in various events related to the world of literature. Income also includes the most highly as a writer. However, some had doubts about the contents of the novel Laskar Pelangi is considered too excessive. "It's a novel, so it's normal if there is a little story composed," said Andrea, who had a dream of living in Kye Gompa, the highest village in the world which is located in the Himalayas. His success as a writer certainly got her proud and happy over the results of his hard work over the years.
Although busy with activities that takes times, Andrea was still able to take the time for going home in time last Eid. Even for Andrea, going home to Belitong when Eid is obligatory. "My parents are elderly, so every Eid I have to go home," Andrea said firmly. In K., Andrea did a routine to stay in touch with parents and other relatives as he takes the cake rimpak, Malay cakes are always present at the time of Eid. Although a trip to Belitong not easy, because of limited transportation options, Andrea still must be going home every Eid arrives. What's more, if he did not get air tickets to Tanjung Pandan Airport, Island Belitong, then inevitably Andrea must take 18 hours of traveling by ship.
Feeling increasingly felt proud and happy when Andrea was named Laskar Pelangi movie by Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza. "I believe in their abilities," he said firmly. Moreover, the film Laskar Pelangi also was watched by a number of people in this country, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono some time ago. "
Rainbow Warriors now have a broader articulation than a book. The values ​​in Laskar Pelangi become more widespread, "said Andrea
Being a famous novelist probably never existed in the mind of Andrea Hirata since childhood. Striving to achieve higher education course, it is difficult at the time. However, along with the struggle and hard work endlessly, Andrea is able to achieve success as a writer's memoir of his childhood filled with keperihatinan.


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