Monday, 20 May 2013

Biography Romy Rafael


Romy Rafael
Surabaya, East Java, July 12, 1977


Romy Rafael is an expert and practitioner of hypnosis from Indonesia, which then processes the ability to stage entertainment. Romy
routinely been appearing regularly on SCTV, demonstrate the ability to hypnotize, with shades menghibur.Pria born in Surabaya, July 12, 1977 it claimed to explore the science of hypnotism and various utility more than four years in America. The man who always wore a black headscarf was admitted to study at Hynotism Training Institute, Ultimate Stage Hypnotism Institute, and the Institute for Neuro Research and Education.

Romy currently using hypnotic ability in addition to entertainment, also for clinical activity (psychological treatment), medical (medicine), even for business and enterprise. He tried to eliminate the negative impression of hypnosis because many cases of fraud and crime with this science.

Romy Romy Rafael has opened a hypnotherapy clinic in South Jakarta, to receive healing people who were in a state of stress, depression, phobias, and even eliminate bad habits.

In addition, Romy has also compiled a book Hypnotherapy: Quit Smoking! (2006), which contains guidelines for hypnotherapy in the form of books and CDs, to eliminate cigarette addiction.

In 2005, Romy managed to record the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) with hypnotizing about 5000 people who attended a seminar that took place in Mangga Dua Square, Jakarta on 11 November 2005

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