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Rhoma Irama Biography - The King of Dangdut


Raden Oma Irama Rhoma Irama is popularly known was born in Tasikmalaya, December 11, 1946, Male 'patrician' is the second son of fourteen children, eight boys and six girls (eight siblings, four brothers and two sisters Seibu default of his stepfather). His father, Raden Burdah Anggawirya, a guerrilla commander White Eagles, giving him the name of 'rhythm' as sympathetic to New Rhythm theatrical group from Jakarta who ever invited to entertain troops in Tasikmalaya. Before moving to Tasikmalaya, his family lived in Jakarta and in this city his brother, Haji Muharam Benny was born.
Before moving to Tasikmalaya, his family lived in Jakarta and in this city his brother, Haji Muharam Benny was born. After several years of living in Tasikmalaya, her family including her brother, Benny Haji Safar, and her sisters, Handi and Ance, moved to Jakarta and stayed in Cicarawa Road, Bukit Duri, then moved to Bukit Duri Rise. This is where they spent teenage years until 1971 and then moved again to Tebet.
Rhoma've seen since I was little artistic talent. Stopped crying every time her mother, Tuti Juariah humming the songs. Log in zero grade, he was starting to like the song. Greater interest in the song when entering elementary school. 2 stomping grade elementary school, he was able to bring the songs of West and India as well. He likes to sing the song No Other Love, beloved mother, and Bilye Buchariajaya Mera song sung by Lata Maagiskar. In addition, he also enjoys Middle Eastern songs sung by Umm Kaltsum.
His musical talent may come from his father who played the flute and sang eloquent songs Cianjuran, a Sundanese traditional art. In addition, the uncle who named Arifin Ganda like teaching Japanese songs when Rhoma was a kid. Her experience singing Indian songs while still elementary school, pop songs and rock the West until the late 1960s and then switched to Malay music, making songs and music that was brought on stage more dynamic, melodic and interesting.
Because age Rhoma with his brother Benny does not vary much, they are always compact and went alone together. In contrast to the more frequently lazy brother joined the Koran in the mosque or religious scholars, Rhoma always follow the teachings diligently. Every time her father asked if his brother joined the Koran, Rhoma always answer yes. They go to school does together. With a tandem bike, and they went back to school in SD Kibono, Manggarai.
In elementary school, singing talent Rhoma increasingly visible. Rhoma is the most diligent student when told to come to the front to sing. And unique, Rhoma is not the same as other students who like to be shy in front of the class. Rhoma singing out loud until it got to the other classes. Attention students greater because Rhoma not sing children's songs or the national anthem, but songs of India.
His talent as a singer got the attention of senior singers, Bing Slamet Rhoma seeing impressive performances when singing a western song in the party at school. One day when Rhoma still sitting in 4th grade, Bing took him perform in a show at the House SBKA (Railway Union) in Manggarai. It is a pride for Rhoma experience.
Since then, though not thought to be a singer, Rhoma is not separated from the music. With his own business, he learned to play guitar to advanced. Because so crazy about crazy with the guitar, Rhoma often makes her furious. Every time he came home from school, the first one he was looking for was a guitar. Similarly, every time he came home, he brought the guitar is almost always.
Once upon a time, his mother told Rhoma look after his sister, but Rhoma prefer to play the guitar. It's because of him, his mother seized his guitar and threw it in the direction of the guava tree to rupture. The incident made Rhoma sad because the guitar is number one for her friend.
In the progress in studying music, Rhoma began to realize that although the father and mother - bloody aristocracy couples - are a music fan, they still think the world of music is not something to be proud of or used as a profession. His mother often shout 'noisy' every time he sang and thought that music would impede school. This fact makes the musical talents of Rhoma actually growing outdoors in the house because he had a lack of support.
When Rhoma still 5 th grade in 1958, his father died. The father leaves eight children, namely, Benny, Rhoma, Handi, Ance, Dedi, Eni, Herry, and Yayang. When her brother, Benny was sitting in class one junior high school, his mother married a military officer, Raden Wijaya Soma, which is still family relationships and also bloody noble. His stepfather was carrying two children from previous wife and after her marriage to Mrs. Rhoma, the mother gave birth to two more children.
When the biological father is still alive, in his feudal atmosphere. Day-to-day father and mother spoke with the Dutch language. Everything should be completely organized and using certain manners. The helper must call the children as Den (raden). Children should take a nap and eat together. His father also did not hesitate to punish them with beatings if considered a mistake, for example, play rain or ditching school.
Family circumstancesRhoma in Tebet time it was considered quite wealthy when compared to the surrounding community. Her house is flashy and they have some cars like Impala, luxury cars belonging to that era. Rhoma also always dressed nice and expensive.
However, feudal atmosphere was no longer viscous after his stepfather is present in the midst of their families. Even from this stepfather, in addition to his uncle, Rhoma got 'wind' to his musical talents. Gradually his stepfather bought musical instruments such as acoustic guitar, bongo, and so on.
Rhoma world in childhood apparently not just the world of music. Rhoma also like fist fights with other children. Social environment when it is quite hard. Children at that time tended to cluster in the gang, and a gang with other gangs against each other, or at least competing. Thus, inter-gang fights often inevitable.
In Bukitduri residence, almost every village in the area there are gangs (youth group). In there Bukitduri BBC (Bukit Duri Boys Club), at no Walnuts Walnuts Boys, Cobra Boys, and so on. Of Bukitduri Puteran, and from Manggarai many young people who join gangs Cobra. These gangs against each other so that the commotion is always almost happens every time they met.
One thing that is quite prominent in the self Rhoma are his friends almost always make Rhoma as a leader. Of course, when his gang clashed with another gang, Rhomalah are expected to show up at the front, to fight. Although never winning a few times, Rhoma also often encounter battered, never even injured badly enough because attacked 15 children in the area Megaria.
When he entered junior high school, places increasingly widespread practice silat. But, for Rhoma, martial arts is not a foreign national, because since childhood he had received training from his father and several other martial arts teachers. Rhoma Cingkrik had studied martial arts (silat Betawi and Cimande alloy) at Pak Rohimin in Citrus Gardens, West Jakarta. Rhoma also studied martial arts in the street gutter Sigundel, in addition to several other martial arts. When a fight broke out between gangs, each gang members to try out the martial arts they have learned.
Because of their toughness, why then should stay Rhoma class a few times, so the embarrassment he changed schools often. Three junior class lived in Medan. When he left at his uncle's house. But, not long after he had moved again to SMP Negeri Jakarta XV.
Rhoma delinquency continues until high school. When attending SMA VIII Jakarta, he had fled from the class through the window because he wanted to play music with his friends who were waiting for him outside. His love for music and fighting outside and inside school and out of school often makes high school. In addition to the SMA VIII Jakarta, he has also been recorded as high school students in Jakarta PSKD, St Joseph in Solo, and eventually he settled in High School August 17 Tebet, Jakarta, not far from his home.
In high school was Rhoma had passed the point of very bitter. He was forced to become beggars on the streets of the city of Solo. There he was accommodated at the home of a musician named Mas Gil. Actually, before the 'stranded' in Solo, he was determined to study religion in Pesantren Tebuireng Jombang. However, because it does not buy a ticket, Rhoma, Benny brother, and three of his friends, Daeng, Umar, and Haris must play cat and mouse with the conductor during the trip. Instead of constantly agitated for fear of getting caught and dropped on a deserted road, they finally chose down in Webcam Station. Of Jogja, they boarded the train again to Solo.
In Solo, Rhoma continue their education in high school St. Joseph. School fees earned from busking and selling some clothes he brought from Jakarta. However, because the school did not pass in Solo, Rhoma had to go home to Jakarta and went to high school graduation until August 17th 1964. He then continued his studies at the Faculty of Social and Political University August 17, but only lasted one year because Rhoma interest to the world of music was too large.
In the seventies, Rhoma has become famous singers and musicians after the band set up and downs in the music, ranging from band Gayhand 1963. Shortly thereafter, he moved in. orchestra Chandra Leka, until eventually formed his own band called Sonnet that since October 13, 1973 was hoisted. Sonnet with a group he leads, Rhoma recorded once gained 11 Golden Record of tapes.
In 1972, he married Veronica who later gave him three children, Debby (31), Fikri (27) and Romy (26). But unfortunately, Rhoma Veronica finally divorced in May 1985 after about a year before marrying Ricca Rachim Rhoma - his partner in several films such as Melody Love, Storms in Early Happy, Camellia, Love Triangle, Melody Love, Devotion, Sacrifice, and Satria bergitar . Until now, Ricca stay with Rhoma as a wife.
His success in the world of music and acting world had set up a company to make Rhoma Irama Rhoma Film Productions movie that succeeded in producing films, among them Struggle and Prayer (1980) and Love Twins (1984).
Now, Rhoma who was called Pak Haji, many spent her time either through music or preaching sermons on television up to the archipelago. With spirit and his unique style, which makes the group Rhoma Sonnet as Sound of Moslem religious symbols stirring constantly expanding.

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