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Mbah Moedjair Biography - Inventors Fish Mujair


Mr Iwan Dalauk who nicknamed Mbah Moedjair born in the village of Brass, 3 Km east of Blitar city center. Of spouse and mother Rubiyah Bayan Isman, he was born in 1890. Not much to tell about childhood through adolescence, because the resource is up with his contemporaries.
Moedjair 4th child of 9 children, married with Partimah Village Brass at that time. Moedjair from this marriage was blessed with seven children, namely: Wahanan, Napiyah, Thoyibah, Imam Soepardi, Ismoenir, Djaenuri, David. All of his children are now deceased except Ismoenir Kanigoro living in Blitar and Djaenuri Kencong living in Jember.
According to Mbah Ismoenir 5th child of Mbah Moedjair surviving. For day-to-day income, first Moedjair satay stalls which opened the era quite well known-Kanigoro Kuningan area. Customer satay stall Moedjair from various backgrounds and races, from old to young, from race to race java yellow (chinese descent).
There is a negative side of Mbah behavior Moedjair time having its heyday satay stall is like gaming. But the gamble, Mbah Moedjair just want to gamble with the Chinese. He did not want to gamble with the Java and he also educate all their children not to gamble. One of the negative effects arising from the gambling craze is the destruction of businesses owned by Mbah Moedjair satay stall, as manifested by Slamet grandson Mbah Mbah Mbah Moedjair of Wahanan.In current times it collapsed, Mbah Moedjair undergo penance behavior where every 1st Suro Javanese calendar, he showers at precisely Serang Beach South Blitar. Early this bathing ritual, because Grandma Moedjair Papungan invited by the village chief (Mr. Muraji), also because he dreamed of long hair and beard to be touching the ground. At a time when the ritual bath, Mbah Moedjair find a fish that huge numbers and has a uniqueness that is saving children in his mouth when there is danger and removed when it's safe.
See the uniqueness of this fish, Mbah Moedjair intend to breed her home area Papungan-Kanigoro-Blitar. To take this fish Mbah Moedjair capture using cloth Udeng (headband) which he used.Accompanied by two friends, namely Isaac and Omar Abdullah, Mbah Moedjair bring these fish back to the village Papungan. But because of different habitats, then the fish die when put into fresh water that is on the home page Mbah Moedjair in Papungan. Seeing something like this, instead of Mbah Moedjair desperate but even more persistent in the experiment with the purpose of fish species can live in freshwater habitats. Habitats are very different from the original sea water (salt).
He was back and forth Papungan - Attack within 35 Km, on foot by passing through jungle, up and down hills and road access is difficult and takes two days and two nights. Attack on the Beach he took the fish species using Gentong made of clay. He also experimented with the salty sea water mixing with fresh water, continuously with fresh water concentration level is progressively more a lot of sea water which then both different types of water can be fused. According to Mbah Ismoenir, this experiment met success at trial to-11, which means traveling back and forth 11 times Serang.Pada Papungan-to-11 trial is successful live 4 new types of fish to freshwater habitats. The incident happened on 25 MARCH 1936.

The success of this experiment, Mbah Moedjair heartening. All the toil, hardship and obstacles paid off with her four new fish species. 4th fish is then by Mbah Moedjair bred in pond water source area Tenggong Papungan village. From initially just one pond eventually grew into 3 pools. Mbah Moedjair also build a hut that also serves as a residence for his family around the pool this tenggong.
Due to rapid propagation of these fish species, the number of fish belonging Mbah Moedjair longer more and more. For it by Mbah Moedjair new fish species is given free of charge to the public about Papungan, but it also sold around Blitar Blitar and beyond.One time, the discovery of this new species of fish reached the ears of Resident Assistants based in Kediri. Resident Assistant who is also a scientist is tempted to examine fish species Moedjair Mbah these findings. From the existing literature and based on the data, the Resident Assistant concluded that the ancestors of this fish comes from the waters of Africa. The Resident Assistant is also conducting research and interviews with Mbah Moedjair about everything about this fish. Starting from the discovery process in the beach attack, until the experiment 11 times. Hear the narrative of Mbah Moedjair, the Resident Assistant was amazed and impressed by the persistence and tenacity Mbah Moedjair.The Resident Assistant reward Moedjair Mbah a naming this new species of fish in accordance with his name Moedjair which became known as the fish Moedjair.

Fish Moedjair increasingly become a byword and a growing number of people who breed. Mbah Moedjair name became more widely known. With the assistance Wahanan, his eldest son. Moedjair fish is marketed to almost mainland East Java with a bike ride Beetle. He was appointed by the Government as well as Jogo Boyo Papungan village also earn a monthly salary of local government. He was appointed by the Government of Indonesia as Mantri Fisheries. In addition, he also received the Executive Award from INDO PASIPIK FISHERIES COMMITTEE COUNCIL find fish Moedjair for his services. The award was given in Bogor on 30 - JUNE - 1954.In addition to the above awards are still some of the MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE awards on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia on 17 - AUGUST - 1951 which was at that time occupied by Ir.Soeharto.


He Died on 07-09-1957 due to illness Asthma.
He was buried in the village cemetery Papungan. Then in 1960 at the initiative of the Ministry of Fisheries of Indonesia, his grave was moved to the south village Papungan special area that also serves as a family tomb. Written on his tombstone MOEDJAIR Inventors MOEDJAIR FISH complete with fish Moedjair relief. In recognition of his services invaluable. Also the access road to the cemetery, also named Moedjair.

On December 6 April 1965 the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Inland Fisheries and Marine Fishermen confers Mbah Moedjair as Pioneer. The charter was signed by the Minister of Fisheries Hamzah Atmohandojo.

His wife, Partimah died in 1966 and was buried beside the tomb of Mbah Moedjair. Partimah is a figure loyal wife and devoted husband respect, one is a form of respect to her husband until the last moment before death Moedjair Grandma, Mom Partimah still communicate with the Java language is fine.

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