Saturday, 18 May 2013

Brief Biography Supriyadi (PETA rebellion Blitar Leader)


 Terri supriyadi born on 13 April 1923 under the name Priyambodo. Since childhood patriotic blood has been raging since his step-grandfather always gave discourse on heroic values ​​derived from wayang stories.
Initially, Supriyadi is a Japanese officer who was appointed instructor for the establishment of native troops as a core cadre of PETA (Defenders of the Homeland). He was placed in the first platoon Company III MAP in Blitar. Witnessed the atrocities the Japanese army against his people, young blood boiling Supriyadi.
On February 14, 1945, his hatred of the brutal Japanese invaders eventually erupted into a revolt in Blitar. Although can be extinguished in a short time, the uprising led Shodancho ranking officers that 22-year-old claimed many victims of the Japanese army. However, because of unequal power, members of PETA who do resistance was finally crushed. A number of men surrendered Supriyadi instead there is sentenced to death and imprisoned.
While the existence of Supriyadi is still shrouded in mystery. There is no direct witnesses who saw it in execution. But not many believe he is still alive, given the cruel treatment of the Japanese army against the rebels.
The courage of the soldiers PETA Blitar, who chaired Supriyadi against Japan, has inspired the emergence of a variety of similar resistance from the army PETA in other areas, such as MAP Gumilir-Cilacap, PETA Cileunca Canning-Bandung, Jakarta PETA PETA Rengasdengklok later. PETA resistance is a moral force for the nation's leaders to immediately proclaimed Indonesia's independence. The event, also encourages people courage to disarm the Japanese troops ahead of Independence Day August 17, 1945.

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