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Biography Drs. Suyadi - Creator Si Unyil


Drs. Suyadi (born in Puger, Jember, East Java, 28 November 1932, age 80 years) is the creator of The Unyil, an Indonesian television series. The Unyil Suyadi create events that are educational for children of Indonesia in the 1980s. Then, Unyil reformatted to conform with the 2000s era, so it can remain popular Indonesian children. Results of re-formatting the show Si Si Unyil Unyil is Laptop. He is also known as Pak Raden Unyil event.Suyadi is a fine arts graduate of Bandung Institute of Technology (1952-1960) and then continue studying animation to France (1961-1963).
Who does not know Pak Raden in Si Unyil puppet film series?He is the Drs. Suyadi. Behind the black beskap, blangkon and thick mustache, who was born in Puger Suyadi, Jember 28 November 1932 it is a true storyteller.In 1980 and 1991, the seventh child of nine siblings have been involved directly in the series Si Unyil. Of tangannyalah puppet character concept story written Kurnain Suhardiman the legendary to this day. At its heyday, Si Unyil series has reached more than 603 puppet film series, and became friends in the audience throughout the country in every Sunday morning.Suyadi completing his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Bandung Institute (1952-1960) and then continue studying animation in France (1961-1963). Since he was a student Suyadi already produces a number of works in the form of a children's book illustrated and animated short films. Suyadi privilege not only to illustrate, but also has the ability to write their own stories. Even in his old age now, Suyadi keep working. "Every day is always the doodles ..." joked one day.Along with four loyal cat, now he spent the rest of his life without knowing the word holiday. He was the voice for Unyil The latest series in a private television station, sometimes still ditanggap storytelling in a number of events, completing a number of paintings, and writing children's books. And a man who has just passed, who turns 77 years old on 28 November 2009 it became the model clip a group of young musical, Nine Band.Dijerang encoknya sense of pain that often recur, Suyadi said, "When the clock turned back, I want to remain a Suyadi. But Pinginnya Suyadi to work better, Suyadi that can do more for the world's children, Suyadi who have better financial condition ... "he said jokingly.Seeing a Suyadi gait as a versatile artist means recording back journey as a creative process:Suyadi as one of the creators of puppet film Si UnyilSuyadi as a painter who has produced dozens of paintings figurative-narrative style.Suyadi as a book author as well as a book illustrator.Suyadi as a storyteller with a distinctive style with dolls and drawing.Suyadi as Javanese artist who mampunyai attention on the art of dance, gamelan, musicians, and become a puppeteer.Suyadi as one of the most influential figures of the early history of animation in Indonesia.Suyadi as a teacher, both as an academic teacher in the art of illustration art at his alma mater, ITB Bandung, special lecturer at the Jakarta Arts Institute Jakarta animation and as a speaker at the workshop on the animated fairy tales and special events.Dedication to the Indonesian culture, in this case Javanese culture into creative record that should be preserved in the book life journey of a Suyadi.Noted that the overall life Suyadi dedicated his life to the children. As a lover of children he devotes his creation in the form of fairy tales, books, and paintings for Indonesian children.


Dozens of children's story books of his work in circulation since the 70s, even up to now. A number of awards in the field of perbukuan has he achieved. And by 2008 he was producing children's book titled Petruk So King (Children's Book Lovers Group, 2008).
Suyadi own life like a fairy tale. Up and down her creative journey in a split plot. Perhaps because he himself as a master storyteller, he was living it with sincerity. As a storyteller, has Suyadi hallmark storytelling, drawing. Arguably, he was the first storyteller in Indonesia, or even in Asia, which tells the story of fairy tales while drawing.
As a painter, Suyadi has produced dozens of themed children's work and the world of puppets and figurative-narrative style leather.
One thing that is inherent in him until now is the figure of "Pak Raden". Mustachioed figure with blangkon it was none other than one of the characters in the series Si Unyil.
No fictional character who is so loved and lived for decades as Unyil. In addition to being an art director, Suyadi creating puppets and models incorporate a number of new characters such as Pak Raden, Mr. averse, Mrs. BARIAH and so forth. In addition scriptwriter Kurnain Suhardiman, Suyadi presence in the series Si Unyil as giving "life" so Unyil and his friends are still alive and loved to this day. *

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