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Nyonya Meneer

Nyonya Meneer, women of Chinese descent born in Sidoarjo was born in 1895 as Lauw Ping Nio. Meneer name it bears not because she is the wife of a meneers Netherlands, but came from the name of rice groats, which the rest of the fine grain of rice milling. While still in the womb, his mother's cravings and eating rice so that the third child of five siblings was later given the name Groats. Due to the influence of the Dutch language, the word groats finally written into "Meneer".
Meneer later married a man from Surabaya named Bian Wan Ong. After marriage, she brought her husband to move to Semarang, Central Java. In the early 20th century, the people of Indonesia are in times of serious concern due to cruel treatment the Dutch colonial government. Nyonya Meneer husband did not escape being a victim, he fell ill and difficult to heal. But it was when he was in the middle of the limitations and concerns that, Nyonya Meneer proven talent and skill mix herbs. It turns out it's elixir potion but various treatments are not able to restore the condition of her beloved husband.
After her husband had recovered, he was more eager to hone and practice of science and medicine dispensing knowledge, which is inherited from their parents. Nyonya Meneer a light hand and really care about the people around him is happy to mix herbs for family, neighbors, relatives and the community about the fever, headaches, colds and other ailments. Most of them claim to feel satisfied after artificial medicinal properties Nyonya Meneer.
As time went on, the more confident Meneer mix of spices and other nutritious plants. Slowly but surely, the mix of herbal medicine began to spread to other cities around Semarang. The more requests that come to him to deliver the mix the herbs themselves. Nyonya Meneer bustle in the kitchen is not possible to meet that demand. With a heavy heart he apologized and instead, he put his picture on packaging homemade herbal medicine. Nobody objected, some are not suspect that in the future, with a portrait of a herbal medicineThis woman is so legendary and still maintained to this day as a symbol of the company.
Armed with the usual kitchen furniture, this family business continues to expand sales area. Until finally, in 1919, to support the amazing ability of the mother of four children in helping others with such a potent concoction of herbal medicine, husband and family supported the establishment of a business called "Jamu Nyonya Meneer Cap Images" in Semarang.
To provide the best service to its customers, Meneer also opened a store in Jalan Pedamaran 92, Semarang. With the help of his sons, the company continues to grow rapidly. Jamu Nyonya Meneer Jakarta recorded start reaching the market when his daughter Nonnie in 1940 decided to move to Jakarta and opened outlets Nyonya Meneer, at Jalan Juanda, Pasar Baru, which is one of the centers of economic activity. Herbs that had emerged from the limitations and concerns entered into the capital and extends to all corners of the country.
In 1967, Nyonya Meneer sitting asDirector, although the company formally entrusted to one of his sons, Hans Ramana. While three other children that Lucy Saerang, Marie Kalalo, and Hans Pangemanan appointed member of the board of the company commission. Meanwhile, the management model is still being taught to follow the model of the founder of the profit-oriented. The company also is using a management system that is simple and traditional.
Entering the 1970s, competition in the herbal industry starting tight. Nyonya Meneer many competitors that have sprung up in the market. Fierce battle between herbal medicine manufacturers in terms of price, the launch of a similar type of product, to fight for market share look very obvious at the time. Two companies that are aggressive competitors for medicinal Cap Nyonya Meneer is PT and PT Sido Appears Fountain.
Therefore, the company Jamu Nyonya Meneer Cap rely initially only drink herbal products such as ginger, pretty durable, and herbs out maternity, slowly began to diversify its product so as not to run over wheels
competition. To enrich the existing variant, which was created several other types of products such as massage oils, fragrances, body, Scrubb for bathing, face powder, param, until buste cream. The company's products Nyonya Meneer is largely a product of interestwomen. There are 254 brands covering 120 kinds of products in the form of pills, capsules, powders, and liquids and are divided into three types, for body care, beauty, and healing. All products that are marketed to areas all over the country. In the hands of mothers and children, Nyonya Meneer and Hans Ramana, herbal medicine company is growing rapidly.
Nyonya Meneer died in 1978, following the departure of his son Hans, who died prior to 1976. Operations is then forwarded by the third generation of the fifth grandson of Nyonya Meneer. Might the company's achievements and brilliance that reaches nearly 1 century effort also was colored by internal feuds typical story happens in a family firm.
Family conflict that began in 1985, during a feud between five grandchildren heir company later changed its name to PT. Nyonya Meneer it. Impact, hundreds of employees less attention. Even Cosmas Coal,Minister of Labour then intervene to mediate. The second conflict occurred since 1989 and 1994, which led to the release of family members share in 1995. Now the company is owned and controlled purely one grandchild Nyonya Meneer is Charles Saerang. While his brother chose four people to split up after receiving their respective sections.
Nyonya Meneer case of family firms were later recorded as a case study, English version published Equinox and used as a case study of marketing and management at a number of universities in the United States. Book entitled "Family business: Case Study of Nyonya Meneer, as One Company Traditional Medicine in Indonesia are successful "(Family Business: A Case Study of Nyonya Meneer, One of Indonesia's Most Successful Traditional Medicine Companies) launched in Puri Agung, Hotel Sahid Jaya Jakarta to coincide with 88-year celebration of the founding of the Company Nyonya Meneer.
Publishing a book that tells PT Nyonya Meneer of effort into majority and minority conflicts in the family company reportedly was opposed by Meneer descent because clearly tells traditional herbal product marketing strategy was to spread to various parts of the world.
On January 18, 1984 established Nyonya Meneer herbs Museum in Semarang which also became the first museum in the Indonesian herbal medicine. Establishment of this museum is designated as a cultural heritage, is also a hub of information, education, promotion, as well as media to preserve traditional cultural heritage, about a nutritious herbal ingredients which all come from the country.

Museum which occupies an area of ​​150 m² holds the collection of cultural objects on herbs and private collections Nyonya Meneer form of photographs and historical ways of making herbal medicine using traditional tools, such as mortar and pestle, pepesan, cuwo, panels and bothekan the place save the original recipe herbs. Visitors can also see a slide show about the process of making herbal medicine procedures and may try Jamu Nyonya Meneer. To visit the museum is divided into two sections, visitors are free.
Now, PT. Nyonya Meneer has been regarded as an icon of national industry of traditional herbal medicine and cosmetic largest and oldest in the country. Began marketing is done in a modern way adapted to the times. One of them is by establishing Meneer Cafe in Jalan Hasanuddin, Solo, which is starting to scatter in several shopping centers. The company has also spread its wings to the international market by trying to meet the demand for exports to several countries. In 2006, PT Nyonya Meneer managed to expand their market to Taiwan as part of its expansion into overseas markets after successfully entering Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Australia, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

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