Monday, 20 May 2013

Biography Demian Aditya


Demian Aditya
Tegal, June 19, 1980


Born with the name Aditya Prambudhi but more famous as Demian Aditya, the illusionist.
The first child of two siblings since the age of 10 years have been acquainted with the world of magic is otodidak.Namun his name became famous not because of magic but because it managed to follow the event Abang and None Jakarta in 2002.

Men born in Tegal, June 19, 1980 it had won two titles at once in this event, namely the 2002 and Abang Abang Favorite Friendship 2002.

Demian rose to fame in the entertainment stage as a magician now has his own show on a TV station with Demian Sang Illusionist title in 2007.

In an event at Fields Gasibu Bandung, artist Yulia Rachman's husband managed to teleport a giant ball with a diameter of 8 meters which contains 7 people in it

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