Sunday, 19 May 2013

Joe Sandy Biography - Biography magician Indonesia


Name: Joshua Sandy [Joe Sandy]

Gender: Male

Place / Date of Birth: Subang, April 2, 1973


Joshua Sandy or better known by the name Joe Sandy was the winner in the event The Masters, which is a talent show for magicians in Indonesia.

Men born in Subang, 2 April 1973 before deciding to become a magician is an office worker in a bank. Once out of the profession, he seriously pursue the entertainment world by being host.

But since becoming a winner in The Master, Joe 100% focus as a magician. Joe who has a hobby of reading and learning to read many believe it is a window into all knowledge, including the power of the mind. Therefore, the genre of magic that he is a mentalist elaborated.

Joe's childhood with no father figure does not make it weak. Because he got abundant affection of the deceased mother and sister. Through knowledge-knowledge that he had, Joe ambition to change the mentalist that creepy image with its actions are fun.

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