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Biography Limbad Master


Biography Limbad born in Tegal, Central Java, July 6, 1972 was a magician who made her debut since Indonesia was in high school. Its popularity rose when he was named the Master The Master Magician in the event aired by RCTI station. In each appearance, Limbad consistent with the flow, Faqir magic, a stream that always displays scenes that seem dangerous and provoke tensions.
Attractions are presented Limbad attractions are adapted from the show Criss Angel Criss Angel Mindfreak entitled. The proof is the attraction bulldozer and attractions when hung by helicopter. The attraction has been aired on a TV station in the United States Criss Angel Mindfreak season 3 in 2007.
The result of his marriage to Susie Indrawati, Limbad blessed with three sons / daughters of each: Muhammad Mahardika, Gina, and Kesya. The family had previously settled in the village of Dukuhwringin, District Slawi, Tegal regency. But now, after signing a 'contract mute' with one of the national television station, Limbad his wife and youngest daughter moved in Jakarta. In addition to his assistants, a spokeswoman Susi Indrawati that convey thoughts Limbad the print and electronic media.
Biodata Biography Limbad little trip before famous
The corruption case of former Kutai Regent HR Kertanegara Syaukani already ended in jail. However, it was later re-draw because dragging the name Limbad, competition champion magician "The Master", which is now famous not only as a champion of magic but also commercials.Limbad background as well as the mysterious figure appeared on the screen when the attention is exciting. Moreover, the new ngeh later turned out the man from the village district Dukuhwringin Slawi, Tegal, Central Java, was never so dukunnya Syaukani.Although time to show off their knowledge in front of reporters at the hearingSyaukani corruption case three years ago, science Limbad, who was named champion Liem claimed the title on his business card complete, Prof Dr Limbad SH, was also able to save the "boss" of the law.The panel of judges in the Supreme Court still decided Syaukani guilty and sentenced him to six years in prison in corruption case Kertanegara Kutai district budget funds that cost the state of Rp103 billion.Mbah Liem had lost his name no longer heard in the media. Until finally he joins the competition magician "The Master Season 2" and appeared as the champion and earned the title Master Limbad.Figure remains mysterious, although different as when he was admitted as Si Mbah. He did not say much else was even described as a mute magician. Success as a champion, champion Liem not appear again in the trials.Now Master Limbad wara-entrepreneurial show appeared on the screen so a cell phone commercials with the tag line. "His Master HP Limbad".

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